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International 04-21 10th LG Cup

It has been decided: the experience of the cool Gu Li eventually overcame the enthusiasm of the young Chen Yaoye. The final game of the 10th LG Cup showed Gu Li in a relentless fighting role and Chen Yaoye as skillful defender, although to no avail. Let's look forward to see many more matches of these two in the future. more

Gu Li

International 04-19 10th LG Cup

The final of the 10th LG Cup turns into a triller with Chen Yaoye evening the score in the 4th game. Gu Li will have to put all his skills and energy in the final game (to be played the 21st) to beat his tenacious teenage opponent. more

Chen Yaoye

International 04-17 Toyota-PandaNet Tour: Paris

The Toyota-PandaNet Finals in Paris, France were convincingly won by Chinese amateur Bao Yun. With clear and flawless Go he got rid of all his fellow competitors to reach a perfect score. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Bao Yun

International 04-17 10th LG Cup

The 10th LG Cup title match between the Chinese players Gu Li and Chen Yaoye is getting more interesting. After two wins by Gu Li it seemed to turn out to become a walk-over but 16 year old Chen Yaoye takes one back. more

Chen Yaoye

International 04-15 Toyota-PandaNet Tour: Paris

The Toyota-PandaNet Tour visits Paris for the finals of this year's tour. Traditionally, during Eastern three days of Go in this beautiful French city. The match is covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Fédération Française de Go

Japan 04-15 61st Honinbo title

Honinbo title holder Takao Shinji can start preparing for the 61st title match. His challenger will be Yamada Kimio,8p who beat Yoda Norimoto,9p in the challenger final by 0.5 point (!) The match will be covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamada Kimio

Japan 04-13 44th Judan title

Cho Chikun defends his Judan title by beating challenger Yamashita Keigo with clear figures (3-1). An impressive performance by the veteran who will turn 50 later this year. It shows once again that playing Go is a healthy activity for the brain. more

Cho Chikun

International 04-10 19th Fujitsu Cup

The 2nd round of the 19th Fujitsu Cup has been played. One of the suprises was Yuki Satoshi (picture) beating Chinese rising star Gu Li. China still has two trumps to compete with five Koreans and Yuki in the quarter-finals to be played in June later this year. more

Yuki Satoshi

International 04-08 19th Fujitsu Cup started

One of the most prestigeous international tournaments started: the 19th Fujitsu Cup. Except for some predictable results there were also some exciting matches. What to think of Cho HanSung (kr) vs. Yamashita Keigo (jp). Replay the games and enjoy. more

Yamashita Keigo

Japan 04-05 44th Judan title

Yamashita Keigo, challenger for the 44 Judan title pulls one back from title holder Cho Chikun. A slack move in the opening (20) made Cho lose control over the game which was steadily and solidly wrapped up by Yamashita Keigo. more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 04-04 7th Maxim cup

Lee SeDol, we didn't hear from him for a while, wins the best of three Maxim match from rival talent Choi CheolHan, the previous title holder. Curiously, the last game was lost on time after just 69 moves. more

Lee SeDol


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