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Japan 11-30 54th Oza title

Yamashita Keigo takes the lead in the 54th Oza title. After a center oriented opening the title holder Cho U found himself without enough territory. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 11-27 11th GS Caltex cup

Lee SeDol made a clean sweep through the 11th GS Caltex Cup by first winning the league 7-0 and next the title match 3-0. In the final game title holder Choi CheolHan played an interesting opening but was forced into bad shapes during the fighting. Lee SeDol seems to have refound his good shape. more

Lee SeDol

International 11-25 8th NongShim Cup

Park YoungHoon, 9p from Korea did it: beating Peng Quan, 7p from China in the 8th round of the 8th NongShim Cup. Both Japan and China have one more player to stop Korea from winning the tournament. more

Park YoungHoon

International 11-24 8th NongShim Cup

Who's going to stop Peng Quan, 7p from China in the 8th NongShim Cup?! Five wins in a row for Peng in this three country win and continue tournament. Deciding games to be played the coming days. more

Peng Quan

Korea 11-23 11th Chunwon title

Cho HanSung pulls even in the 11th ChunWon title match against contemporary talent Lee SeDol. It's a best of five so still lots of battle coming up.  more

Cho HanSung

Japan 11-20 32nd Tengen title

Kono Rin, Tengen takes the lead again against Yamashita Keigo, challenger for the 32nd Tengen title. Yamashita played very inspiring from the start but Kono skillfully managed each and every attack of his opponent, ending up with more territory in the end. more

Kono Rin

Japan 11-16 54th Oza title

Yamashita Keigo, the challenger for the 54th Oza title shows tenacity and patience. Slowly the game seemed to proceed to a very close win for Cho U (Oza) but then Yamashita played an endgame sequence turning some territory into neutral points, thus turning around the tables. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 11-14 11th GS Caltex cup

The GS Caltex cup changed its format: the challenger is now decided by a league, similar to the top Japanese tournaments. The format seems to suit Lee SeDol well since he walked through the league with a perfect score. And in the mean time he's also 2-0 ahead in the title match against title holder Choi CheolHan. As usual these young Korean players don't follow traditional conventions as the 2nd game clearly illustrates. more

Lee SeDol

Japan 11-03 31st Meijin title

We have a new Meijin: Takao Shinji. The Honinbo was looking better from the start and eventually won the 6th game by a comfortable margin. Study the game to learn how to win a game without fighting. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji


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