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China 03-31

Gu Li [cn], title holder of the 18th TianYuan title was up to the challenge of Xie He [cn] and defends with straight wins. more

International 03-30

Lee ChangHo [kr] takes the lead in the final of the 8th LG Cup against Mok JinSeok [kr]. The score: 2-1. more

Korea 03-28

Three close games decide the winner of the 5th Maxim cup. Rui Naiwei [cn] once again shows her class and tenacious character by beating Yoo ChangHyuk [kr] 2-1. more

Japan 03-26

Challenger Cho U [jp] evens the score in the 42nd Judan title by taking a close game from O Rissei [jp]. more

China 03-23

The Chinese team convincingly took the 3rd Asia Cup by beating Korea 4-1 in the 3rd round. The Taiwanese team took 3rd place by beating Japan 3-2. more

France 03-22

PandaNet, the owner of the Go Internet Server (IGS) will attend the Paris tournament on the 11th and 12th of April and welcomes you to meet them and exchange ideas on IGS facilities and future developments. more

Japan 03-18 28th Kisei title

Challenger Hane Naoki [jp] showed considerable mental strength and flexibility by pulling himself together to win the decisive game for the 28th Kisei title against title holder Yamashita Keigo [jp]. more

International 03-11

The final of the 8th LG Cup goes all the way: Lee ChangHo [kr] takes the 2nd game against Mok JinSeok [kr], making it 1-1. more

Japan 03-11 28th Kisei title

A major comeback in the 28th Kisei title with Yamashita Keigo [jp] leveling the score at 3-3 against challenger Hane Naoki [jp]. more

Japan 03-11

O Rissei [jp] title holder takes the first game for the 42nd Judan title against challenger Cho U [jp]. more

Japan 03-10 28th Kisei title

Challenger Hane Naoki [jp] needs one more win to take the 28th Kisei title from title holder Yamashita Keigo [jp]. Interesting developments in game 6 which continues tomorrow. more

International 03-09

The final of the 8th LG Cup is on its way, featuring Lee ChangHo [kr] and Mok JinSeok [kr] who takes the first game. See the agenda for the full schedule. more

China 03-08

Qiu Jun [cn] took the 11th Xinren cup by beating Wang Xi [cn] in the best-of-three final. more

Korea 03-05

Spectacular stuff in the 2nd game of the 15th Kisung title between title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] and challenger Choi CheolHan [kr]. more

Korea 03-02

Choi CheolHan [kr] took the 47th Guksu title from title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] in the all deciding 5th game. more


The wife of Korean professional Yoo ChangHyuk (38 yrs), Kim TaeHee (33 yrs, TV anchor) was found dead in her home yesterday. No further details are available yet.


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