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International 07-31

Will you be the next world champion? Join the 9th PandaNet Internet World Amateur Championships. Registration closes the 24th of August, preliminaries start the 28th of August. more

Japan 07-29

First time in the Japanese professional Go history: father Kobayashi Koichi and his daughter Kobayashi Izumi had to play in the first round of the losers section of the 43rd Judan tournament. more

Kobayashi KoichiKobayashi Izumi

International 07-28

Troy Anderson, former insei in Japan has written a book (Way of Go) and established a website to explore Go as metaphor and discuss his taxonomy of strategy, for Go, or any field. Read more in the press release... more

Korea 07-26

Challenger Lee SeDol [kr] goes into the lead once again in the 38th WangWi title match against title holder Lee ChangHo [kr]. more

Japan 07-26

Yoda Norimoto [jp], title holder goes into the lead against challenger Yamada Kimio [jp] in the 29th Gosei title match. more

Korea 07-20

Lee ChangHo [kr], title holder, makes it all square again in the 38th WangWi title match against challenger Lee SeDol [kr]. more

Korea 07-16

Challenger Lee SeDol goes into the lead against title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] in the 38th WangWi title match. more

Japan 07-15

And meanwhile the 29th Gosei title started featuring title holder Yoda Norimoto [jp] and challenger Yamada Kimio [jp]. The second game went to Yoda making the score all even. more

Japan 07-09

Cho U [jp] will hold the Honinbo title for another year. In the 6th game challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp] was beaten by the smallest of margins. more


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