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Japan 08-30

The 52nd Oza title will be an interesting one for the numerous Yamashita Keigo fans out there since he will play title holder Cho U after beating Yoda Norimoto in the challenger final. more

International 08-27

The rivalry between Korea and China in the semi-finals of the main tournament of the 2nd World-Oza left both with a finalist: Chang Hao [cn] will play the final against Lee SeDol [kr]. The final (best-of-three) will be played 5-8 Januari 2005 and is covered live on IGSmore

International 08-25

The 3rd round of the main tournament of the 2nd World-Oza again showed some really close games. The most exciting one being the young Kong Jie [cn] versus Lee ChangHo [kr]. Both China and Korea now have two contestants left. What an interesting semi-final it will be on the 27th of August and as usual covered live on IGSmore

International 08-23

The 2nd round of the main tournament of the 2nd World-Oza showed some really close games. The knockout tournament is now left with 8 players: 4 Korean, 3 Chinese and 1 Japanese. The quarter-finals will be played the 25th of August and is covered live on IGSmore

International 08-21

In Japan the main tournament of the 2nd World-Oza has started. The knockout tournament with 32 participants from all over the world is covered live on IGS. See the tournament page for the results and the agenda for the schedule. more

Korea 08-18

Title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] prolonges the 38th WangWi by beating challenger Lee SeDol [kr] in a close and interesting match. more

Korea 08-16

Cho HyeYeon, fast rising female baduk player from Korea seems to be white-washing the male competition in the BC Card Cup preliminaries. more

Cho HyeYeon

Japan 08-12

Yoda Norimoto [jp] prolonges being the Gosei for one more year by convincingly beating challenger Yamada Kimio [jp] in the 29th Gosei title match. more

Korea 08-04

Title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] pulls even in a remarkably short game to make the score 2-2 in the 38th WangWi title match against challenger Lee SeDol [kr]. The 5th and final game now will decide all. more


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