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Korea 04-30

An ChoYoung [kr] wins the third game and the 14th BC Card Cup title against 17 year old challenger Lee YeongKu [kr]. more

Korea 04-28

Lee ChangHo ("the first win against Rui in 8 years", 2-5 overall score now) advances to the semi-final of the 23rd KBS Wang by beating Rui Naiwei. more

International 04-24

The following players qualified for the semi-finals of the 5th Ing Cup: Chang Hao [cn], Song TaeKon [kr], Peng Quan [cn] and Choi CheolHan [kr]. more

Korea 04-21

In a very short game An ChoYoung [kr] evens the score in the 14th BC Card Cup title match against 17 year old challenger Lee YeongKu [kr]. more

International 04-20

Korea-China: 1-1, China-Japan: 1-1, Japan-Korea: 0-2 is the score in the prestigeous Ing Cup tournament. Further successes for China and Taiwan beating the USA and European representatives respectively. more

China 04-17

Wu Shuhao [cn], 12 years old amateur 5 dan qualified for the 17th Mingren preliminary tournament through an internet tournament. Then he went on to beat Zhou Bo,5p, Liu Jing,8p and Wang Yao,5p and is now in the 2nd round of the final knockout tournament. more

Korea 04-16

Challenger Choi CheolHan [kr] takes the fourth game and also the title from Lee ChangHo [kr]. Choi beat Lee earlier this year in the Guksu title match and now has three titles: Kisung, Guksu and Chunwon. more

Japan 04-15

O Rissei [jp] confidently kept his Judan title by also taking the fourth game from challenger Cho U [jp]. An interesting opening produced inspiring study material. more

International 04-12

After two rounds in the finals of the 17th Fujitsu Cup the balance is: Korea: 5, Japan: 2 and Taiwan: 1. Surprisingly, none of the promising Chinese players succeeded in reaching the quarter-finals which will be played in June. more

Japan 04-08

O Rissei [jp] title-holder of the 42nd Judan title takes the lead again against challenger Cho U [jp] who now faces kadoban (losing another game would lose the match). more

Korea 04-07

The 17 year old Lee YeongKu [kr] takes the lead in the best of three 14th BC Card Cup title match against An ChoYoung [kr]. more

Korea 04-06

Title holder Lee ChangHo [kr] facing kadoban in the 15th Kisung after losing the 3rd game against challenger Choi CheolHan [kr]. more

Japan 04-05

Yoda Norimoto [jp] beats Mimura Tomoyasu [jp] in the 59th Honinbo league play-off and becomes challenger of Cho U, title-holder (see agenda). more

International 04-01

title wins
LG cup 4
Tongyang 4
Samsung 3
Fujitsu 2
Ing cup 1
Toyota Denso 1
ChunLan 1
total 16
Lee ChangHo [kr] wins his 16th world title by beating Mok JinSeok [kr] in the final of the 8th LG Cup. Just in case you're wondering which titles Lee ChangHo won over the years, an overview is shown in the legend. Check the international tournament overview or Lee ChangHo's biography (and especially his matches) for further details. more


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