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European Union 05-30

The Toyota-PandaNet Hamburg tournament is covered live on IGS this year. When more details are known they will be shared with you. more

Hamburg Affesprung 2004

Japan 05-25

Challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp] is close to facing an uphill struggle after also losing the 2nd game of the 59th Honinbo title. Title holder Cho U [jp] kills white's center to decide the game. more

Yoda Norimoto hands over the sealed move to referee Ishida Yoshio

European Union 05-23

The Toyota-PandaNet Amsterdam tournament has been decided. Catalin Taranu [jp,5p] finished with a perfect score by beating Ondrej Silt [cz,5d] in the last round. more

Guo Juan vs. Catalin Taranu

International 05-20

The 2nd round of the 9th LG Cup has been played and the quarter-finalists are decided. Korea doing traditionally well, China reasonably well and Japan is still represented. The tournament continues in October. more

The participants of the 9th LG Cup

International 05-14

Yu Bin [cn] kills a group of Song TaeKon [kr] of some 30 stones to take the 16th AsiaTV Cup (three-country lightning tournament). more

China 05-08

Despite the extra-ordinary achievement of some of the youngsters in the Chinese Go Scene the usual suspects emerge in the quarter-finals of the 17th Mingren tournament. more

Japan 05-08

First blood in the 59th Honinbo title goes to title holder Cho U [jp], beating challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp]. more

China 05-02

Gu Li [cn] continues his good performance by winning the final against Yu Bin [cn] for the 16th CCTV Cup. more

International 05-02

O'Sullivan 9-7 in the lead in the best-of-35 against Dott for the 2004 World Snooker Championships. To be played to a finish the 3rd of May. more

Ronny O Sullivan vs. Graham Dott


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