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Japan 06-25

Challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp] pulls one back against title holder Cho U [jp] by taking the 5th game. Match continues July 7/8, live on IGS. more

Japan 06-18

Winning the 4th game of the 59th Honinbo title match means Cho U [jp] is one win away from keeping the title for another year and challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp] knows what to do. more

International 06-13

The 1st Teda Cup, a special three-nation event was won by Lee ChangHo [kr], 2nd ends Yoda Norimoto [jp] and 3rd is Kong Jie [cn]. more

International 06-10

Lee KangWook from Korea wins the 25th World Amateur Championships with the perfect score of 8 out of 8. With 6 points Bernard Helmstetter from France finishes as best ranked (shared 3rd) western. Each round was covered live on IGS. more

Lee KangWookBernard Helmstetter

International 06-10

Lee ChangHo [kr] and Zhou Heyang [cn] survived the semi finals of the 5th Chunlan cup, both on points and now will face each other in the final to be played later this year. more

International 06-10

On the 12th of June a special event took place on IGS. Hane Naoki, Kisei, Tengen, played against IGS members who could vote every move while most votes counted. During the game Yamada Kimio gave running comments and after the game Hane analysed it for nearly an hour. more

Hane NaokiYamada Kimio

International 06-08

Lee ChangHo [kr] facing three Chinese (Hu Yaoyu, Peng Quan and Zhou Heyang) in the semi's of the 5th Chunlan cup to be played later this week (see agenda). more

International 06-05

Yoda Norimoto [jp] has to defend his country's honor in the semi's of the 17th Fujitsu Cup against three players from Korean: Yoo ChangHyuk, Song TaeKon and Park YoungHoon. To be continued next month (see agenda). more

Japan 06-01

Challenger Yoda Norimoto [jp] makes it a real battle for the 59th Honinbo title by winning the 3rd game against title holder Cho U [jp]. A game featuring lots of complicated middle-game and ko fighting. more

Yoda Norimoto opens komoku against Cho U


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