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Capturing Stones
Dia 1-1: Black plays 1
Dia 1-2: and takes one stone
Dia 1-3: Capturing one stone...
During a Go game one or more stones can be captured by completely surrounding them, i.e. filling all empty points around them. We show two examples: on the left a one stone capture, on the right a three stone capture. Once black has played 1 he removes the captured white stones from the board leading to the 2nd diagram positions. /studying/rules/.img/capture3.gif
Dia 2-1: Black plays 1
Dia 2-2: and takes three stones!
Dia 2-3: Capturing three stones...

Note 1: Needless to say that being captured usually is bad. There are numerous situations though where one would sacrifice one or more stones just to gain an advantage elsewhere.


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