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This section is devoted to fact, figures and gossip. Short articles on Go (wei-qi, baduk) from various sources which might be of interest to the Go player.


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The articles

Hankuk Kiwon: prize money and ranking 2006

The Korean professional top-10 prize earnings and ratings 2006

(modified: 2022-05-23)

The Lee HaJin Storm

Female Korean professional Lee HaJin takes the Baduk world like s storm.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

The Hankuk KiWon 2005 professional ratings

The official Korean Go Association ratings for 2005.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Development of Time Allowance

An essay on the developments in thinking time written by Lee HongRyul, Baduk columnist for Chosun Daily.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Han HaeWon

Han HaeWon, Professional baduk player and Baduk TV commentator. "If I were not a Baduk player, I would have been a performer for musicals."

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Korean baduk channel

January the 1st of 2004, Park KwangHo, Park YoungHoon 5p's father, opened a 2nd Baduk Channel on the Korean cable TV.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

900 million won

An insight in the earnings by Korean baduk players and the players in some other countries, written by Lee HongRyul, Baduk columnist for Chosun Daily.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

28th Kisei, game 3

A personal report on the 3rd game of the 28th Kisei title match between Yamashita Keigo and Hane Naoki by reported and Go article writer Pieter Mioch.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Professional ranking

How do the professionals appearing in the games on actually perform? Check out the monthly updated GoBase ranking.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Internation events 2004

What's on the international Go agenda for 2004?

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Lee ChangHo gets married?

Lee ChangHo: "I, myself, am curious about when I would get married"

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Kweon KabYong Go School

It's famous in Korea, time to write something about it.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Korean rankings 2003

The ranking of Korean players over 2003.

(modified: 2022-05-23)

Korean rankings 2000

The ranking of Korean players over 2000.

(modified: 2022-05-23)


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