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There are various ways to systematically investigate a collection of professional Go game records. One can study the Go game of a certain player, study joseki or fuseki patterns, analyse games, or select games by properties.

From an educational perspective an efficient way to study a game collection is by having the games ordered by a certain theme. With this in mind I created some categories below. Each category contains go games which share the same theme. Some feature Go technical issues (like Amashi, Furikawari or Ko) while some exist just to be able to include some of the very fine games from ancient and recent Go history in this gallery (see Brilliant Moments and Crystal Clear for example).

All included games have one thing in common though: they are outstanding in their category and even outstanding when considering the thousands of go games which have been played over the years. So replaying them will ensure you lots of hours of study but most important entertainment over the Go board.


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The Categories

Brilliant Moments

Professionals have outstanding technique, superb feeling for shape and fascinating ideas. This makes professional games (no restrictions) worthwhile studying for amateurs. But then, some pro games even have something extra, a special move or a brilliant idea maybe. This category collects such games.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Crystal Clear

A professional game is not necessarily always complex and difficult. These games will illustrate this and might give you the feeling that everyone can become a pro in Go.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)


You usually win a Go game by making more territory than you opponent. Sometimes a pro tries to win by preventing that the opponent makes any territory at all. These games show examples of this technique.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)


Since professionals don't like to obey orders from their opponent pro games always feature exchanges of stones or territory. These games show some extreme examples.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Fighting Ko

Most amateurs are afraid of fighting ko since it is so complex. These games show that you're right about that.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Building Moyo

When thinking moyo (large potential territories) one player automatically comes to mind: Takemiya Masaki. This category shows some fine examples of how moyo's should be build and used.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Invading Moyo

Your opponent has built a moyo, and now you have to invade, where and how? These games contain some very interesting examples of invading moyo.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)


When thinking shinogi (saving weak groups) one player stands out as expert: Cho Chikun. Studying this category will improve your technique to save weak groups.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

The Art of Sacrifice

It is impossible to defend each and every stone on the board. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Remarkable Moves

Sometimes games are remembered because of just one move.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)


Sometimes professional games turn into a bloodbath for various reasons.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)

Big Kills

Usually the stones of professionals don't die without having served some purpose. Exquisite examples can be seen in the furikawari and sacrifice categories. But also professionals are only human and sometimes stones die without a purpose.

(last addition: 2022-05-23)


If you wish to add a game to a category please send an E-mail including the category, the game you wish to include and a short comment on why you wish to include the game.

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